Center of Holistic healing & Tanra Arts.


This is a hands on &/or personal experience for you as a client, all health care managers are certified in the field provided in their profile, we all take divine pride in what we do and will care for you every step of the way. Take time to look around our site & see what fits your needs most.

Center for Holistic Healing Personal Growth 

Do you want to relax your mind body and soul? Look no further, let me help you experience the feeling of being nurtured and empowered I will bring you to full balance through the power of natural energetic healing.
My Holistic  Healing consists of a combination of ancient healing arts and modern psychology, completed with conscious communication and a focus on inner union. Working towards inner union is a journey to wholeness and expansion, where one heals and embraces aspects within oneself instead of searching for them in the form of an ideal or perfect partner. 

This not only creates a more diverse and free experience of life, but also supports your partner in being more authentic and creates healthier intimate relationships.
the point is to relax into being and be in the present moment, and experience life when energy is allowed to flow freely without any goals.

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Self Defense/Life Coaching

I am a certified provider of this service ( Healthcare Management & Holistic Healing Arts) all information is private in correspondence to HIPAA